Good day!
... the psychotic ramblings of a certain humanoid named midendian/afritz ...


So you really want to listen, eh? Well then. We'll have to do something about that....

I'm going to continue. I, of course, am a "website" created on behalf of the aforementioned humanoid. You on the other hand, are some partially innocent bystander who wondered into here most likely not knowing just what you were getting into. To that, I say "Oh well."

I should probably first mention the name of the (usually) bipedial lifeform we're talking about. That name is... Adam S Fritzler. What's the S for? I don't quite remember. Not wanting to insult Adam or his parents, I'm betting it's something good, though.

Mostly, Adam just sits around mocking life itself. When he gets bored of that (increasingly often), he goes out and finds someone else to annoy. [Every once in a while, though, they come to him...which provides him all the enjoyment without actually making an effort. You can certainly imagine that this is his more favorite method of doing it.] When he again becomes bored, the most likely result will be either 1) sleep or 2) total physical implosion. The former is of course more productive in terms of life expectancy, but the latter certainly has its existential benefits.

Included in all of the above activities, there's all this technology-related rubbish that he for some reason finds an interest in. Adam particularly amuses himself with the Open Source Movement, Linux, and various other things. Some items, he actually creates himself. And even more suprisingly, other people some times use them too. Yes, some of those projects are bit wacky and wierd. Just think of all those projects aggregated into a single entity, make that entity talk and flap his arms, and you have created an image of Adam S Fritzler. And you should be scared.

I suppose if you want one of the more lifelike descriptions about Adam and his kind, there's the Portrait of J Random Hacker section in the cannonical reference to hackerdome (of which Adam is proud to be a member of): The New Hacker's Dictionary.

If you're still here, you're probably a bit on the esoteric side as well. All the more reason to interrupt Adam and talk to him. He can be reached at his "sunny" Arizona, USA, home in various ways. Two of those ways, I'm not going to mention because he doesn't live alone. I will mention the others, however. Firstly, there's regular ol' Internet mail ( or Next, there's IRC. He usually hangs around on efnet (usually, if you feel like jabbering and not getting interrupted by a netsplit) and linuxnet (again, for the people who prefer not to be split,, which is usually [He always goes under the guise of the 'mid' nick.] There's also the AOL Instant Messenger service, which, he goes under the nick 'midendian'. I suppose you could use UNIX talk and ramble to as well, but if you do that, not only may he actually respect you a bit, but he'll find you a bit strange. You probably really don't want to do much more talking than any of these methods, so I'll stop here. Wouldn't want to burn you out or anything.

Now lets see....

  • Why midendian, you ask? An explanation awaits you.
  • For you really nosey fellows, there's Adam's daily log. Beware that if you talk to Adam, he may talk about you too. And that will provide us all a merry time and life will go on (unless the implosion thing comes back). You have been casually warned. I will also make note of the fact that nothing excrusiatingly interesting is contained in any of the text.
  • If you really want to see him, you can check if is webcam is on (he put this up to mock everyone else who has one and to generally symbolize the general policy of gratuitous bandwidth-wasting that runs rampant on the commercialized Internet of today)
  • Then there's that project that if Adam is in a bad mood, it probably got him there... that being the upkeep of his house's network and the collection of computers and things on it (the most important of which is / ihpled from which you are probably reading this now).
  • Some bits of archaeity...
    • How Adam described himself in Sep 1997 is here.
    • A partial, never updated, probably really inaccurate "resume" for Adam is here.
That appears to be all for now. Don't die or anything... oh, and good day....
Adam Fritzler
Last modified: Sat May 22 03:25:04 MDT 1999